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Suusar Ganbold

Suusar (Suski) Ganbold


Suski Ganbold

Suusar (Suski) Ganbold was born in a small town in Mongolia. She is the youngest of three siblings. She grew up in central city Ulaanbaar, Mongolia. In 2013, she finished her bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Chemistry at Mongolian National University, Mongolia. She continued her education and in 2019, graduated from Strayer University with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in the United States.

Suusar Ganbold is a certified Ballroom Dance Instructor from DVIDA. She started her dancing career when she was 5 years old, concentrating on Mongolian Folk Dancing. She began to focus her dancing at age 16 on International Ballroom and Latin, and youth couple in10 dance.

In 2008, she joined one of the biggest Mongolian dance team called “Khatan Tuul.” Since then she competed as a formation team dancer. Khatan Tuul team is an undefeated Mongolian champion, 10 times winners in MDSF (Mongolian Dance Sport Federation) Mongolian National Championship-Formation Standard. Khatan Tuul is the first Asian formation team that went to WDSF World Championship from Asia. They achieved semifinalist of WDSF World Championship Formation Standard.


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