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Vincenzo (Enzo) Esposito

Vincenzo (Enzo) Esposito

Enzo EspositoVincenzo (Enzo) Esposito was born in Manduria, a small town in southern Italy. He started his dance career at age 11 with his sister, Ariana, as his partner. They started with the Italian Smooth Style in the Junior 1 (12-13) Category and won many National dance competitions. Once they turned to the Junior 2 (14/15) Category, they started to dance International Standard and Latin. As brother and sister they worked well together and understood each other, resulting in them achieving finals in all styles. Currently Enzo dances with his wife, Yo Matsubara.


  • 2001 South Italian Champion in the Italian Smooth Style
  • 2004 Italian National 10 Dance finalist
  • 2006 FIDS Puglia Regional Championships Top 3 in the International Standard Adult Category
  • 2006 All National Competitions finalist
  • 2017 Asian Open Championships, placed 63rd out of 180 couples

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